Life is a trail challenge because everyday a new course of challenges is set for us. We can face new obstacles in life just like those in a trail challenge. Challenge can be time consuming, tricky, and scary. But all challenges can be navigated with mindfulness and the right attitude. You learn to acknowledge your response and take control of it. Mind over matter is the mantra and mastering the obstacle is all we focus on in the moment, nothing more, nothing less.

Horses are perceptive to emotion; therefore, riders learn to control their emotion because we know a frightened or nervous horse does not score well. Just like a nervous or frightened person does not make good decisions when challenges arise either. They need more exposure and more successes with challenges.

Early experiences and exposure form our reactions and responses to challenges – just like a horse. Being mindful of our attitudes and reactions can helps us practice improving them. This theory applies to trail challenges and life challenges. We improve our responses not for us, but also so we can be of more help to our equine partners when a challenge arises. The more confident we become, the more confident our horses become.

Over the next few weeks and months, I would like to share the challenges I have faced on and off the trail challenge course. These challenges have helped me grow, learn, and become a better person. I never in a million years would have guessed a trail challenge course could help me with other life challenges. Life really is like a trail challenge.

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