Pistol Packin Freckles Offspring

Sire of offspring earning over 600 APHA & PAC points in halter, halter Champions & Reserve Champions, lunge line, in hand trail, walk/trot, hunter under saddle, western horsemanship, hunt seat equitation, ranch pleasure, reining, ranch riding, ranch trail, showmanship, western pleasure, color and western riding.

Pistol Packin Frekles is a

3x World Champion

4 APHA Superiors

Open Western Pleasure, Open Trail, Novice Horsemanship & Trail

30 APHA Western Riding
Over 500 APHA points in halter, (halter champion 2016 – Saskatoon Am. Stallions), western pleasure, trail, western riding, hunter under saddle, western horsemanship, hunt seat equitation and showmanship in Open, Amatuer and Novice Amatuer Divisions.

Homozygous Tobiano, No OLWS gene, no breeding stocks, No HYPP gene,

6 panel N/N. Tested at U of C, Davis,California

Numerous APHA World Top 5 and honor roll lists

PRR A Fancy Pistol (aka: Raina)

PRR A Fancy Pistol (aka: Raina)

PRR A Fancy Pistol (aka: Raina)

PRR A Famous Pistol (Raina) May 2016 Filly

Sired by Pistol Packin Frekles,

Dam: PRR Dreamn Thru Class

What a busy year this young filly had. She spent the spring at Rivers Edge preparing for the 2019 show season, off to Sara Simons clinic, then her first horse show where she earned APHA points in color and hunter saddle classes.

She then came home to get some outside miles, did some cattle work and prepared for her mountain trip to Kananaskis, where she learned an awful lot of valuable skills in a short amount of time. Despite the passing of my mom in June and a knee injury she sustained in July, we still got her very first trail challenge where she won Junior in hand and placed very well amoungst more seasoned horses and earned her first trail challenge points. She seems to handle whatever I could throw at her with ease…from the APHA show pen, mountain ledges, swimming in the South Saskatchewan river, to some cattle work and trail challenges.

“Raina” is a very seasoned 4 YO with a ton of exposure and confidence. Already proving to be a trustworthy mountain horse after our 2020 backcountry trip to Kananaskis. 

Raina bridge
Raina cows
Raina bridge



2020 came to a screaching halt with covid restrictions all over the province for our equine community. Events and shows were cancelled and plans put on hold. Raina and I still did some practicing at the horsepark to prepare for out mountain trip to Kananaskis the end of July. The brave little filly did not dissapoint. We spent 5 days and 4 nights in the backcountry together. It was an incredible opportunity and we saw some amazing sights. So grateful to have this talented and skilled little filly underneath me on some very challenging terrain. The path less travelled certainly was worth the effort. Finding  pristine mountain lake untouched by motors and machines. 2 legs or 4 legs is the only way to access these incredible sights. My kind of heaven. 

clear mountain lakes
mountain kiss
Raina bridge

PRR Pistol Packn Zippo

PRR Pistol Packin Zippo (a.k.a. Zeplin)

2015 Sorrel Tovero Gelding

Owned, Trained and shown by amatuer owner, Stephanie Charlton, Middle Lake, Saskatchewan

Dam: Paint Me Sweetly X Paint Me Zippo

Sire: Pistol Packin Frekles

PRR Pistol Packn Zippo
PRR Pistol Packn Zippo
Zeplin is another young Pistol project that was started, trained and shown by his Amatuer owner. Stephanie has put an awesome start on this gelding, is winning and placing well in halter, pleasure and trail at Sask Federation Open Horse shows in 2018.

Saskatchewan open shows are very well attended and the Christmas in September Show saw entries of 20 – 30 horses in her classes. Steph placed in the prize money at this show in all her performance classes against senior, broke horses with a ton of training on them.

Proud of this young lady and her training abilities. She is not afraid to use this 3 year old like a good ol broke gelding to pony the weanlings around the farm.

Another Pistol prospect trained, maintained, and managed at home and competing well with the best of them.

Congratulations Stephanie. Looking forward to your future.

PRR Sheza Hot Pistol

PRR Sheza Hot Pistol (a.k.a. “Porsha”)

2014 Bay Tobiano Filly

Owned, loved and shown by Corrine Toronchuk, Thorhild, Alberta.

Dam: Sheza Hot Petitie by Petite Lord

Sire: Pistol Packin Frekles

PRR Sheza Hot Pistol
PRR Sheza Hot Pistol
Corrinne and Porshe have been doing awesome together in and out of the show pen.

Corrine is a “new to me” show mom, and Porshe has been the best prospect for her to learn and grow with. She purchased Porsche as a yearling and has been involved with her training right from the start. As the young mare learned, so did Corrine. She has broken every rule about green rider, green horse don’t mix. These 2 beat all the odds and have held their own against seasoned riders and horses in the show pen.

Corrine has proven not only to herself, that she can do this, Porsha has proven to me that an honest young prospect, can be forgiving and quick to learn, even with a new mom. Corrine enlisted the help of several trustworthy trainers and horsepeople, and has learned more in her short time with Porsha than many younger students learn in years.

These 2 new prospects have taught me so much also, and there is no greater reward than to see a good freind and her young horse learning and appreciating the lesson of horsemanship and life that only we know a horse can show us.

Hats off my friend, you are an inspiration to anyone thinking they are too old to learn a new trick.

PRR Dreamn of Pistols

PRR Dreamn of Pistols (a.k.a. “Quinton”)

Owned by Dan & Corrine Toronchuk & Family, ridden by Jade Toronchuk

2015 Sorrel Tobiano Gelding

Dam: PRR Dreamn Thru Class X CT Gallantly

What a crazy ride this young gelding with incredibly talented young girl. Jade was crowned Alberta High School Rodeo Queen this spring. She’d had Quinton home for a week when she entered a home town arena at full tilt with a flag (one handed) past a 4 horse draft team. This began the whirl wind experience Quinton would learn to accept and love. I never dreamt I would have him ready for this girl. They have spent the summer parading around, racing thru grand entries and having a ball.

Thanks Jade for taking Quinton with you, and good luck with the Rodeo Queen dreams. I have no doubt you will do amazing things in and out of the arena.

PRR Dreamn of Pistols
Pistol Packin Picasso

Pistol Packin Picasso

Pistol Packin Picasso
Pistol Packin Picasso (I saved one of my favorite horse/rider couples for last)

2010 Bay Tobiano Gelding (a.k.a. “Oscar)

Owned, trained, loved and shown by Judy Johnson Parsons of Moscow, Kansas

Dam: Azure Picasso

Sire: Pistol Packin Frekles

Judy and Oscar are my favorite veterans.

Judy and Oscar motivate those of us on this page to achieve.

Together her and Oscar have earned over 400 Amateur, open, novice amatuer, PAC and walk/trot points (ROM’s) in horsemanship, showmanship, ranch riding and ranch pleasure with points in hunter under saddle, hunt seat equitation, halter, reining, trail, and working cow horse,

Novice Amatuer ROM’s in showmanship, hunt seat equitation, hunter under saddle, horsemanship and trail and western pleasure points.

Open Grand and reserve halter championships, ROM’S in halter, in hand trail, color, ranch riding, ranch pleasure, ranch trail and trail, and points in lunge line.

Over 400 APHA and PACpoints in 13 different events from hunter under saddle to working cow horse.

Judy, you inspire all us young Pistol Packers and do indeed, have a lot to smile about

Pistol Packin Picasso
Hi I looked up Pete and found him on your website. My client asked me to find a homozygous stallion and breed her mare who I trained and showed for years. I picked Pete and raised Gimme Your Best Shot (Loper) and Eastwood (Clint). I just sold Loper to an ammy who is getting to know him and has attended their first show where they were circuit champion. Love them both. Loper ended up 16.1 and Clint is fast reaching the same. Here is a photo of Loper and I from last September. I also have pictures of Clint. Just wanted to share LOVE THEIR MINDS!
Joy A. Bartlett
Pete's Clint