Travel with us on Horseback through Albertas Kananaskis Country

Cooling down in Little Elbow

Day 2 – Finding the Trailhead from  Little Elbow Campground

Horseback riding in Kananaskis trip began like most pack trips. Exploring our base camp, getting our kinks out and allowing the horses to rest from their long haul.

I started my morning like most, doing my stretching and strengthening exercises but this morning it was in fresh mountain air. I had horrible sciatica from the day before and had to get that sorted out before riding.

We saddled up after breakfast and found the trailhead to Little Elbow Trail. There were trails along both the north and south sides of the creek. We knew the following morning we would be loaded with gear and needed to find the trail that provided the least amount of hills and climbing getting out of the staging area.

Maps and trails were well marked and finding Little Elbow trail would be easy once loaded and heading out the following morning. We were delighted to find the first bridge crossing about 1 hour out of base camp that would begin our 55 km round trip. The bridge was about 12 kms from the barn. So total kms would be close to 70 with our little side trips and adventures along the way

Exploring Little Elbow Campground 

 When we returned from finding Little Elbow Trail we spent the heat of the day exploring around the Campground. The trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Forget Me Not Pond and Little Elbow Falls. The place was a hub bub of activity with weekenders enjoying amazing weather. Kids on scooters roared past us like we were old people. Canoes, tubes and paddle boats filled the pond. We learned we sucked at selfies and promised ourselves we would get better at it, we never did master that task. We then headed east to Little Elbow falls where we  witnessed 2 guys jumping in the freezing, rushing mountain water. I thought I was crazy about mountain springs, but even those guys had me shaking my head.

We then spent the evening packing for the backcountry trip and appreciating the luxuries of the trailer we were soon to leave behind. Things like cell phone service,  a mattress, instant hot water and horse feed would be left at the campground for the next 5 days. We weren’t sure what to expect but we were keen for adventure and willing to take the risks that may lay ahead.

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