Setting goals and achieving them.

Dream Believe Achieve. To some it’s a sign in the doorway reminding you to apply it everyday. Some have used to gain their fame and fortune. It has a different meaning for everyone and that’s what makes us human. Doesn’t matter what “Achieve: may mean for you, What’s important is that you  know what it is and that  it can be done. The words sound simple enough and are easy to understand so it shouldn’t be that difficult should it?

It’s pretty easy to dream and we all need them, whether you sleep well at night or not. As a kid, I was always accused of being a dreamer. But when you’re a kid dreams do seem big. I’m not going to tell you what I dreamed about, but I do have a couple of cousins who can vouch for me when we played house. When you’re a kid is hard to believe and even harder to achieve your dreams. Every human should be a proud owner of a good dream or 2. Are these dreams realistic or just a fantasy? ( I think Aldo Nova sang that song). Or could  it actually happen? How could you make that happen? As a kid there were a ton of questions that needed a ton of answers. We couldn’t wait to head out in the world to fast enough to find those dreams. Hang out with me for awhile and found out where we are going with these 3 words. Dream, Believe, Achieve,  I am hoping those cousins don’t spoil the surprise.

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