The Secrets of a Horse Guru

The Secrets of a Horse Guru

Bill, Ray and Tom Dorrance

The horse gurus and their secrets. Who are these gurus and what’s the secret?

Merriam-Webster defines a guru as a teacher and especially an intellectual guide in matters of a fundamental concern. Horse gurus have been called many different things over the decades. In my youth they were just termed horseman. Then came the whisperers, the natural horsemanship era, and now the gurus. Names may have changed but their philosophies are all fundamentally similar. Everyone has at least one we follow and worship.

Its’s a bit of a mystery but still horse enthusiasts spend a lot of money learning the tricks of their trade. We buy all the right equipment, books and dvd’s so we can  be a guru too. These gurus become our mentors. Role models who inspire us to do better because we know we can always do better. The first time I met a guru horseman I was just a kid and I did a whole lot of learning in a short amount of time. How my horse journey began

Horse gurus can teach new ways of doing things. There is no such thing as learning too many guru secrets or tricks. Why? Because we know every horse is different. We don’t dare put those secrets too far away because we may need to use them. Heaven forbid, we forget where we put them. We learn different techniques and ideas and some gurus give out good secrets and some do not.  We spend our money on all the right tools and equipment for the task. But still we can’t get our fire breathing dragon off the arena ceiling and we just don’t have the whisper ability to coax him down. I wish gurus would bottle and sell those secrets too but they don’t. What is that horse gurus secret anyway?  Because it seems to be the only missing ingredient that stands in the road to our success.

Horse guru’s  rarely tell all their secrets. Because it’s their life blood or secret numbers for a bank account. They worked hard and probably had many a wreck learning some secrets, It doesn’t seem to matter how much you pay them or how much merchandise you buy, they just will not give it up. You might get the odd catch phrase that works well but you never get all the secrets.  Why?

Follow me in upcoming weeks and months and I will help you understand  the secrets of a horse guru.  The secret will surprise you, it’s been there the whole time and it won’t cost you a dime.