About PRR Horses

Lauras horse pics june 2010 1411Welcome, & thank you for taking the time to visit me and the horses I raise. My late husband (Dec 23, 2014) Bruce and I begain breeding and  and training paint horses in partnership in 1998. For 18years we bred them for a wide variety of disciplines.  Bruce & I worked together as a team to put arena basic training on our prospects to be built upon by future owners, as well as mountain and ranch experiences to give them a good foundation as solid recreation horses.

Bruce liked hunting with horses, mountain packing, & working with problem horses. He shared those skills with me for 15 years and I learned alot from the man who helped me to think like a horse.

I will continue to share my past experiences and the skills I learned from Bruce into the horses I raise. His skills and talents will not be lost or forgotten. It is my hope that I can get some of my prospects out and to the mountains on pack trips where they flourish and learn quickly how to be responsible for their feet, balance the packs they may carry and learn a work ethic at an early age. They also learn that we are responsible for their care and to accept us as fearless leaders through challenging terrain.

I have kept Bruce's faithful ol Mountain Horse "Big Bill" who has probably helped start every colt Bruce and I ever raised together. Not only was I fortunate enough to learn from Bruce, but he left me with his great ol horse that I think has more knowledge about starting colts than the 2 of us had combined. That horse will stay with me for his lifetime. BILL WRANGLER lAKE lOUISE 450x311

I grew up with horses and had a pony at the age of 3. I learned most of my knowledge from the school of hard knocks. I spent 10 years in the 4-H program as a member, then another 8 as a light horse leader.

I ventured into open shows and breed shows at the age of 10 and started my first prospect at 13. Once I began winning consistantly at gymkanas and horses shows, I bred that mare and produced 2 successfull show pen offspring by the time I was 18. Continuing to be competitive and learning in "all around" events but also learning from each foal that I raised and trained.

In 1990 a mare I showed, Mea Whiskeys Fantasy, a.k.a. "Fanny" (whom I purchased from the Harke breeding program) qualified and competed in trail and western riding at the AQHA World Show in Oklahoma City, under Kathy's guidance. "Fanny" was high point Canadian Horse, Canadian National Champion in Trail, and went on to become the founder of Painted River Ranch's breeding program. I have retained one of her grandaughters in the breeding program.

 She produced my first paint horse in 1993 "Ima Dancin Fantasy" a.k.a. "Smokey, who went on to become a 5X World Champion speed event horse (featured on my home page)   fanny cropped

I did some team roping and team penning in the 90's and really enjoyed the new experiences and freinds I met. "Dave Fraser" cattle penning clinics were always a hoot. I attended Ricky Green and J.D.Yates team roping clinics and learned I was an enthusiastic, but often, not successful heeler. I still find myself picking up a heel rope and working on keeping that elbow up, tip down, muscle memory and position, position, position.

In 1998 I met Bruce and we begain Painted River Ranch. Herd Sires were EE Black Devil, CT Gallantly, Somedays Sam I Am, PRR Zippos Heathen and currently.....Pistol Packin Frekles.

We bred such notables at PRR Classy Whiskey (out of Fanny) who earned a superior in halter and 5th at the Pt.H.A. World Show in youth geldings, carefully prepared and guided by the talented Shelby Milolacjyk. PRR Time for Scotch was high Point Zone 10 Novice Amatuer all around and together he & I made the Top 20 list in the World. We produced many offspring with  too many points and titles to mention. It was great to raise, train and win with your home grown, but even more fullfilling, was watching someone else win and do well with them.

Winning was never the final goal, it was the learning experiences and the freinds you met along the way. Once a prospect began winning consistantly, it was someones way of telling me - it's time to "share" (sell) them in order for someone else to have the privledge to learn from them. This is and always has been extremely tough for me, no matter how much time and energy was invested in them. They always managed to find great homes, and my reward for sharing, was an opportunity to see so many great places when we delivered them, and too build lifelong freindships that still hold strong today.... it was worth the sacrifice of sharing. Money and winning does not replace that.

My intrests still include breeding, and training for all around show events, as well as preparing young stock for trail riding, mountain trips and and little dab of ranch work.

It is my hope, that with support and faith in our program from my horse family and freinds, that I can continue to breed and produce the type of paint horse that would make "rancher" proud. I  have been so lucky to meet so many freinds and see so many great places because of our horses.

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