Certified Equine Appraisals of Saskatchewan


A certified appraisal is vital to all horse owners. We all know as horse owners, to expect the unexpected, and often these situations require you to establish current market value of your horses. You do not want to be under-insured in a situation where mortality, major medical, surgical or loss of use occurs - resulting in significant financial loss to you. 

Appraisals are most Commonly done for insurance purposes, and when buying and selling a horse. But have  also been done for claim disputes and underwriting, valuation for secured loans and collateral, bankruptcy, divorce, estates, pre-trial investigation....well, you get the picture, whenever a horses value needs to be determined. 

Factors that affect a horses value are breed and type characteristics, physical traits like age, health and conformation, disposition, pedigree, show records, earnings, progeny records, veterinarian and trainer records. 

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An impartial appraisal CAN NOT be based on emotional attachment, hopeful dreams or promises. Everything an appraiser studies is based on facts that can be substantiated, and most hold up in a court of law if necessary. What you paid for the horse, or what you owe on the horse may not be applicable. Cost incurred such as board, veterinary bills etc. can not be included in the appraisal. 

My base rate for an appraisal is $40.00/hr. A uncomplicated, relatively simple and local appraisal still involves time to evaluate and photograph the subject, find comparables and do a report. But every appraisal is unique depending upon requirement. A local uncomplicated appraisal can run approximately $280.00 + mileage. 

I would be happy to discuss your appraisal needs and give an estimate of the work involved before I proceed. 

Equine Canada Western Competition Coach


EC developed a nationally recognized program for those who wish to learn safe horsemanship skills and practices under the guidance of a certified western coach.

The purpose of this program is to provide a systemic process for new riders to enable a safe and knowledgeable introduction to western riding.

The program is sure to benefit anyone who wishes to own a horse, currently owns a horse or wanting to become a certified coach.  Stable management, equine care and health practices are also explored in this comprehensive learning program for all ages. 

Whether your learning to improve your riding skills, horse care and knowledge, or want to compete in western performance classes, I can customize a training program to meet your needs. 

You can complete the program using your own horse, or leaning on mine. Private and group sessions are available and are reasonably priced. 

Saskatchewan Certified Coaches

International Mountain Trail Challenge Association - Trainer & Judge


Mountain Trail has always been my passion. Whether I am competing on a course or ponying a new colt up a mountain trail, this sport has always been a part of my soul, and know the horses sense this in me.

Horses naturally want to learn and please. They love reward with a purpose. I have found no better way to build and train a prospect and create trust; even in the most skeptical equine mind, than mountain trail on a natural course.

Horses love the new experiences. I have seen both timid and withdrawn horses and riders come to life and have new purpose on a well planned course when trained properly. We create better horses and riders - one obstacle at a time. 


I am a huge believer in the benefits of cross training, the confidence both horse and rider obtain on a course is carried over across all environments, whether it is a show pen or down the road. 

Mountain trail challenges a horse, encourages them to be curious and and rewards their curiousity with confidence. There is no greater trust between horse and rider than the trust and training required by a competitive trail challenge horse. 


SHF and Mountain Trail Judging & Clinics

SHF and Mountain Trail Judging and Clinics 

I have been extremely fortunate to have a lifetime of learning experiences, showing, training and raising horses.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with horse enthusiasts of all ages and all abilities.  I am now adventuring into the judging world - where I will now stand on the other side of the clipboard. I know I will learn a lot and hope I can help others learn what a judge is looking for and hoping to see in the show pen. From 4-H, to provincial (SHF) and AQHA/APHA breeds shows,  national (Equine Canada) and international (IMTCA) standards, I hope I can bring something for each level to help others learn. 

I love working with young horses and young people, but also have a passion to help fearful or insecure riders and horses overcome their fears and become confident.  I have been there, have had my share of hard knocks, and know how difficult it can be to overcome those fears, but know it can be overcome. 

I would love to custom design a clinic in your area designed for your interests and levels of abilities. Whether it be a colt starting clinic or a learning to show clinic. I am confident I will have something for everyone. My rates are reasonable and I am willing to travel. 

I am a SHF Primary Judge.

Saskatchewan Horse Federation Judges