pete pleasure


Are you looking for a “proven” all around stallion that will guarantee color, conformation, performance ability with no genetic disorders? (No Herda, PSSM, HYPP, lethal whites, solids or rebreeds for ½ price next year?)

1. “Proven” meaning in the show pen with proven progeny

• Show Record – 2X Pt.H.A. World Champion, APHA World Show top 5, APHA Superiors in Trail and Western Riding. 513 APHA points in halter (Halter Champion 2016 at the age of 14), Western Pleasure, Trail, Western Riding, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, Western Horsemanship and Showmanship in Open, Amateur and Novice Amateur categories.

• Progeny record – 37 foals, 17 with show records earning over 557 points in halter (5 halter championships,3 Reserve halter championships), lunge line, in hand trail. Walk/trot, hunter under saddle, western horsemanship, hunt seat equitation, ranch pleasure, reining, ranch riding, ranch trail, showmanship, western pleasure, color, and western riding.

 2. Proven competitive longevity? A stallion that at 14 years of age is able to compete & earn APHA amateur points in halter, hunt seat equitation, western horsemanship and western pleasure.  Proving at his age, his mind, disposition & confirmation, (after a lengthy show career and myriad of trainers, barns and techniques and pasture breeding mares), is still sound, sane and a gentleman.  IMG 6265LR 571x800

 3. He is still competitive in the show pen despite the changes in show pen trends and styles; judges still like his natural (not mechanical movement - no over canting and poll below wither). He remains focused, forgiving, honest, steady and true.

4. A stallion that has had to work to prove himself in the show pen to earn a spot in the breeding shed. Who doesn’t ride on the shirt tails of his famous ancestor’s bloodlines?
Best of all, he has a reasonably priced breeding fees and is close to home, reducing YOUR breeding expenses.

Thank you to all the judges in 2016 for believing in Pete and using him on your cards, for your compliments and words of encouragement. He truly is an amazing stallion and just keeps on ticking - loving his job, despite rider errors.

Thank you to all the mare owners and buyers of his foals for trusing us with your good mares and believing in him.